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When it comes to recording we work to capture your sound in a way that is true to your music. From load-in all the way until you nail the take, we are working to get every detail just right. Whether it is dialing in the right tone, finding the perfect mic placement, or hitting the preamp just right we see the recording process as a critical first step in the production of your music. The Riverhouse Studio has all you  need to get your recording project started.

Our facility consists of a mid-size live room with space for a full band, an isolation cabinet, and a spacious second-story control room with room for vocal tracking. Our mic locker has all you need to record a singer-songwriter, a vocal group, or full-sized band. We also keep a wide selection of instruments in house including an upright piano, a drum kit, an upright bass, and a plethora of guitars. We also have a selection of synthesizers and effects pedals for your creative exploration.

We are excited to have you in the space for your next recording project. We can't wait to hear about what you want to work on.

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